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Hun is an expert on hunting wild birds and is looking for a new hunting partner.


 Hun is black tri-color akc/ukc reg. 4yr old female, born July 30th 2017 petite in size approx. 25lbs. Full of tenacity with extreme stamina with a moderate to close range depending on her quarry!

Hun is skilled in finding birds, holding a point, honoring, and retrieving. She has been hunted on wild chukar, hungarian partridge, pheasant, quail, sage grouse, dusky grouse, and dove. I have earned limits of chukar from her hard work and devotion by hunting for me as a cooperative bird dog.


Hun is tough as tough the country she hunts in...

Hun is an instrumental part of our lives here at Sunburst. Foremost as an hunting companion, and second a mother in our breeding program. Hun has had two litters with a total of 10 puppies in her time here with us. We have raised her with love from puppy hood and she is well adjusted dog who loves affection.


We want Hun to find a hunting home so she can do what she loves in the field, and she will do the rest for you. Please call us and will tell you of some of her amazing hunting stories. If your the right fit for her will have you out to meet the lovely dark little lady.

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